MECOSS is an arm of a Regional and National NGO organisation, which has strong connections to Government departments and policy development in New Zealand. Our goal is better provision of Social Services to the people of Manukau East. You can find out more about us here

Family Violence Services

Child Abuse, Women's Refuge, Elderly Abuse

Careers and Employment Services

Schools, Businesses and Career Building Services

Funding for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Funds, Trusts, Grants, Sponsorship

Health, Disability and Seniors Services

Disability Action, Age Concern, Alzheimers, Autism Services...

Migrant and Refugee Services

Migrant Community, Language Assistance, Citizen's Advice Beaureau

Family and Youth Services

Eating Disorders, Counselling, Suicide Prevention

General Services

Information Services, Churches etc

Other Useful Links

Miscellaneous useful links

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